In addition to the standard types of PVC foam manufactured at Foam Seal, several custom configurations are offered. Among these are Backstripping and Custom Supported/Unsupported Adhesives.


Backstripping manufactures the Foam Seal Industrial PVC Foam with the adhesive side exposed. The length is determined with the foam used in this manner. When the use requires the adhesive side to be against the paper, the product has to be reverse wrapped so the uncoated foam is exposed. This causes a loss of yield in length, because the configuration of the foam is changed due to the compression of the foam onto a shorter length of liner.  The loss will be equal to the outer circumference of the material.


Foam-Seal can custom coat our PVC foam with a variety of application specific adhesives. In addition to direct coating Foam-Seal can add supported or unsupported adhesive to PVC foam.

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