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Ideal for high voltage insulators to prevent flashover in addition to being an excellent dielectric and water repellent. It provides good adherence while chemically inactive with low toxicity.



Designed for use as a dielectric compound on high voltage insulators, Novagard G687 reduces the opportunity for dirt and moisture to create arcing across the insulator. G687 prevents the formation of a conducting film of water thereby eliminating any arc-over under wet conditions. The silicone engulfs and encapsulates any water-borne, hydrophilic particles so that the insulator remains water repellent even in dusty, highly conductive atmospheres. G687 is also an excellent mold release and rubber lubricant. The compound may be applied by wiping, brushing or by spraying.


is truly a general purpose compound. It is ideal for sealing and protecting electrical connections above and below ground; however, the material’s unique dual nature, lubricity and sealing, supports a long list of applications.


is a general purpose compound; formulated specifically for use as a water repellent coating to prevent corrosion, especially in critical applications that require good dielectric properties. G624 offers superior corrosion protection to many metal substrates. Proven compatibility with a wide range of plastics and elastomeric materials. Conforms to SAE AS-8660 (formerly Mil-S-8660C)


Using G697 as a lubricant on unpainted threaded, or non-threaded, ferrous metal surfaces will help prevent corrosion, and maintain the condition of the substrate. Also recommended as a lubricant for rubber components such as O-rings and gaskets that have low to medium swelling characteristics. Conforms to MIL-DTL-21567B (formerly MIL-C-21567A).


is an excellent dielectric compound with good moisture barrier and corrosion resistance properties. Among other applications, G635 has been used successfully on high voltage insulators, connectors, disconnect junctions, automobile and aircraft ignition systems and other electronic equipment.


This material’s unique dual nature, lubricity and sealing, supports a long list of both past, and current, applications. Applications range from a valve and O-ring lubricant in small, hydraulic piston assemblies to high vacuum sealant in laboratory services. Certified to NSF Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components.

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